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January Q&A with Dre

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January 2014 Q&A with some of Andre's fans.

Charlie (Palo Alto, CA) - Didn’t think you could top that shot to beat the Thunder, but you did it again Atlanta! What gives you so much confidence to take and make those big shots when you’re not a high volume shooter?

Dre: Just enjoying the moment on those shots. I’ve missed those shots as well so I’ve learned to just put best effort forward and hope for ultimate result.

Aaron (San Jose, CA) - Hey Dre, huge shot to beat the Hawks!!! Do you think other teams will game plan for you to be the guy in those situations going forward and what can that do for the Splash Bros?

Dre: Well, we just had and awesome shot by Steph to win the Boston game for us so I think teams will have to pick their poison with how they are going to try and play us in late game situations.

Floyd (San Francisco, CA) – Way to take down the Heat in their building – Finals preview! What’s your approach to guarding LeBron and how did you force him into eight turnovers that night?

Dre: Miami is a tough team. They are the defending champs the past two years and have been playing a lot of games when you factor in the playoffs and finals so we got them at a pretty good time. Defense is just about staying solid and trying to play the percentages at all times.

Joon (Berkley, CA) - How was it inside the locker room during the long winning streak? Did you guys feel pressure to keep it going each night? Or was it a more loose and relaxed atmosphere because you’re winning?

Dre: Our locker room is pretty relaxed, we have a lot of confident ball players who want to go out and show their talents.

Brad (Mill Valley, CA) - Dre, Great to have you back in the lineup my man! Just curious as to how many games it usually takes to feel totally back in basketball shape when a player comes back from injury and also how your transition back was from the hamstring?

Dre: It takes about a game or so to get back into the flow of things as far as game shape but the hamstring is a difficult muscle to gage when it comes to healing. You have to be very cautious and monitor your minutes.

Brandon (Foster City, CA) - I liked the feature on you in Grantland. Just wanted to know how you feel being compared to Scottie Pippen and how much his game influenced you growing up. Thanks…

Dre: I’ve been a Scottie Pippen fan since growing up being from Illinois. I was also the tallest player on the court playing point guard until my senior year of high school, so I’ve had the comparison made a lot.

Krystal (Richmond, CA) - How much do you pack for a long east coast trip with all the different climates?

Dre: That was a long trip! I had two very large Nike bags for all that I needed for the trip. Over my years in the league, I’ve learned how to be a great folder.

Carrie (Los Altos Hills, CA) - Dre, I know your birthday is coming up on the 28th. What’s on your gift wish list?

Dre: I’m not a big birthday guy, I just want to get a win on that day.

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