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ESPN Details The Events Following Iguodala's Free Agency

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One of the major storylines to come out of this year's NBA Free Agency was if Andre Iguodala was going to re-sign with the Golden State Warriors after successfully retaking the Larry O’Brien trophy from the Cleveland Cavaliers. ESPN writer Chris Haynes has recently published an article detailing the lengthy and methodical process the Iguodala and his team took as they met with several different teams around the league.

It began with the Lakers, who in a conference call offered a one-year twenty million dollar plus range. While it may have been a long shot for Los Angeles, they entertained the idea to Iguodala and his team nonetheless. Following that call, it was the Spurs who were up next and they came to visit him at his hotel in Beverly Hills. Even though they didn’t have the funds (they offered a four year, $8.4 million non-taxpayer midlevel exception, Iguodala was looking for $16 million a year) that Iguodala was looking for, the Spurs brass took note of his interests in Silicon Valley and made him aware that Austin, Texas was a growing tech hub as well. San Antonio’s proposal was definitely interesting and it was also the team’s basketball culture that made it worthy option.

The Sacramento Kings were also granted a meeting and it was their aggressive but confident approach that caught the attention of Iguodala and his team. They promised a bigger role on the court, as well as being an important veteran leader to their younger players, such as rookies De'Aaron Fox, Justin Jackson, Harry Giles, and sophomore guard Buddy Hield. Additionally, it was brought to Iguodala’s attention that a helicopter ride to his home in Bay Area was only twenty-minutes away. When it came to their offer, they proposed the highest amount on the market at forty-three million. However, Iguodala was asked to sign on the dotted line right away.

Despite this, Iguodala wouldn’t commit and took a meeting with the Houston Rockets the following morning. It was there where, the Rocket’s General Manager, Daryl Morey mentioned that he would save loads of money because Texas residents don’t pay State Income taxes and how the team was well-positioned for the future. Also in attendance was Coach Mike D’Antoni, who predicted that a combination of Chris Paul, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza and Iguodala would be an effective defensive recipe. Moreover, two surprising things occurred during that meetin. Firstly, James Harden called Morey on an unrelated matter but then asked to speak to Iguodala. Their conversation was short and Harden wished him luck during the Free Agency and apologized for unknowingly disrupting the meeting. Secondly and perhaps more shockingly, Chris Paul stormed into the room and took over the meeting. According to sources, Paul, who had only been signed with the team for four days, voiced his happiness and transparency with the Rockets organization.

Again, Iguodala left the Rockets without an answer but there was a strong inclination that he would agree to their proposed thirty-two million dollar offer. The subsequent meetings with other NBA teams were cancelled shortly after.

However, there was one left to take and it was with the Golden State Warriors.

After an hour-long back and forth, the two sides could not agree to a deal. Following up from their initial talks, Bob Myers and Steve Kerr had returned a four year, forty-five million dollar proposal. Despite this, this was still not the amount Andre Iguodala was looking for and they had concluded their meeting. While Myers was departing for the airport, his phone rang, it was one of Iguodala’s partners, Brandon Rosenthal, on the line. He had asked if there was a way that the Warriors could meet them halfway. Myers responded by saying that it was ultimately the Warriors’ ownership who could green light that agreement.

The end result, which many of us already know, is that the Golden State Warriors and Andre Iguodala have agreed to a guaranteed three-year, $48 million contract.

Read the story complete story, written by Chris Haynes, on ESPN.