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Business Insider Includes Iguodala in Silicon Valley 100

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It may come to a surprise to some but Silicon Valley is not all about the guys in Frat houses looking into their computers trying to build the next hit app. It is a place for innovation, where the technology to better our lives and the industries we work in is being developed every day.

With that being said, the Silicon Valley 100 from Business Insider is a list of movers and shakers who are pushing the boundaries forward in tech and every year, they amass a list of people who are accomplishing such feats. For 2016, they have included, Andre Iguodala, read the excerpt on the Golden State forward below:

99. Tech investor and NBA player:

Iguodala plays for the Golden State Warriors, the NBA team owned by a spate of VCs, including Chamath Palihapitiya of Social Capital and Joe Lacob of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Ben Horowitz, whom Iguodala describes as a "total brainiac," has taken the NBA free agent under his wing, teaching him about portfolio management. Iguodala has invested in the stocks of Facebook, Twitter, and Tesla, and he appeared at Tech Crunch Disrupt in September.

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