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Andre Iguodala Sits Down With LinkedIn

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Andre Iguodala visited the LinkedIn offices in downtown San Francisco to discuss about how athletes like himself are trying to change the perception that has long been associated with them - that they are comfortable with endorsement paychecks and allowing money managers to take care of their wealth. Instead, he is a part of the growing group of athletes that are taking control and actively participating in generating their wealth. In short, these athletes want to be taken seriously off the court. Andre also credits this change because consumers are smarter and they can tell when a partnership feels forced. In the same vein, he only invests in companies he knows about and that he's genuiely interested in. Take a look at some of the quotes from the discussion below and read the full article at LinkedIn.

“We want to be taken more seriously off the court. We don’t want to be seen as just a basketball player or a celebrity or a pitchmen.” 

“I’m used to taking a lot of requests [for my time,] but it started to flip and we started hitting up [investors] for their time as well.”