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Andre Iguodala Shots A Career-Best Thanks To An Improved Sleeping Regiment

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In Sports Illustrated's latest news, writer Tim Balk touches upon Andre Iguodala's career-best shooting percentage and how changing his sleeping routine has played a major role in that.

Read an excerpt from the piece below:

"Andre Iguodala, who shot a career-best 52.8 percent from the field on this year's 67-win Warriors team, told Arianna Huffinton improving his sleeping routine has had benefits on the court on her Thrive Global Podcast With iHeartRadio. Iguodala, an investor in Thrive Global, told Huffington steps he has taken to get better sleep include putting his phone on airplane mode, limiting screen time before bed and monitoring the temperature in the room he's sleeping in. He said he used to go to bed late and saw a significant impact after making the changes. "It wasn't just the games. I practiced better, my preparation was better," Iguodala said."

You can read the full article at Sports Illustrated.