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Andre Iguodala and Arianna Huffington Talk About the Importance of Sleep

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While their career paths have taken different them down different paths, one commonality between Andre Iguodala and Arianna Huffington is that they both understand the importance of sleep. In a TIME video series, they sit down together and talk about why people need a good night's sleep and how they manage to make time for it in their busy lives. Read an exercept below:

"Huffington, the author of The Sleep Revolution, said she gets about eight hours of sleep each night. “Everybody’s trying to figure out how to integrate work and life,” she said. “What do we prioritize, what do we give up. One of the things that helped me is to say ‘No’ more.”"

"Iguodala, a player for the Warriors, said that being well rested made him perform better on the court. “That sacrifice, in the grand scheme, you’re really not sacrificing,” he said of going to bed early. “You’re taking care of yourself. And maybe something has to be missed out, but you can still balance that.”"

Watch the video on TIME.