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The “Gucci Places” Collection Is Inspired By Locations Special To The Brand

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Gucci’s latest project “Gucci Places” puts together the tangible and intangible. The tangible are exclusive patches that are inspired by locations that the brand’s Creative Director’s Alessandro Michele has found inspirational. The intangible exists within the brand’s mobile app, which is a page that compiles those places in one place. 

The Italian fashion house hopes to create a network, where fans can learn more about these special locations. The app will be configured to use the geolocation services of a user’s mobile device so that when you are in the proximity of a Gucci Place you will receive a push notification to invite you to visit the relevant location. When in the Gucci Place, the app will allow users to check in and win the badge associated with it. The device will also provide a detailed description of the venue, featuring texts, pictures and/or videos, along with a section dedicated to the events it is staging. The first Gucci Place to be unveiled will be Chatsworth in Derbyshire, England, where Gucci is now supporting an exhibition of clothing and memorabilia titled “House Style.” Furthermore, the Chatsworth store and Gucci’s Sloane Street store in London will stock the special patches starting mid-July.

Later this year, the company will unveil additional Gucci Places and dedicated products.