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Sonos Releases The Playbase For HDTVs

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Sonos' speakers are typically associated with music but they're aiming to deepen their home theatre footprint with their newest speaker called the 'Playbase.' Unlike the slim Playbar, this new device is geared towards the 70% of TVs that the company says aren't wall mounted. Such is seen in its particularly wide but lightweight frame; which can also support a TV that weighs up to 77 pounds. Moreover, if your TV is too short for the Playbase (it's 2.28 inches high) to fit underneath, there's an accompanying stand that securely places your TV right over the speaker. Upon a closer look, there are 43,000 individually-drilled holes at the front of the Playbase with the Sonos branding at the middle. The top is smooth to the touch and the controls are the same as the Play:5 speaker. At the back of the speaker are three ports: ethernet, optical audio, and a power input. Inside are 10 drivers: 6 of them midrange, 3 tweeters, and 1 flat-mounted subwoofer to cover the low end. As always, each component is geared towards delivering great sound. Finally, the Playbase can link with your existing wireless Sonos system very easily.

Existing Songs customers can pre-order the Playbase now, and it will be shipped out as early as April 4th.

Learn more at Sonos.