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Andre Talks Game-Day Style With The Bleacher Report

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Andre Iguodala is no stranger to the fashion world and when he's not busy helping the Golden State Warriors get wins, or dabbling in the Tech World, you can find him attending the Fashion Weeks in Paris and New York. He was once the Men's Style Director for online clothing reseller TWICE, where he was responsible for the curation of their newest collections, lookbooks, and other important content. The company has since been bought by Ebay, and it was subsquently shuttered. Nonetheless, Andre's affinity for dressing up started way before he came into the NBA and Fashion world. This relationship was recently highlighted in a Bleacher Report article written by Logan Murdock. In this piece, we get to read about the time Andre bought a Sean John jacket that Allen Iverson thought was too small, and we get to peer into his massive closets to see what kind of sneaker collection he has, and what he thinks about his peer's style.

Take a look at a few excerpts from the article:

"It started with a warning. “Don’t get it,” Allen Iverson cautioned as Andre Iguodala reached for a Sean John jacket that looked a size too small during a stop at a Philadelphia clothing store. Iguodala admits the sleeves were “kind of snug” for his 6'6" frame but assured his Philadelphia 76ers teammate the jacket “fit fine” as he bought it. Iverson wasn’t convinced."

"Iguodala usually pairs his casual-yet-sleek blazer look with minimalist sneakers from Common Projects. The luxury brand doesn’t carry shoes that fit his size 16 foot, so Iguodala places custom orders months before shoes are released to the general public. He’s a big fan of the Achilles Low, a versatile lifestyle shoe that ages well with wear."

"Even though Iguodala respects style that differs from his own, he doesn’t shy away from sharing his opinions on others' fashion choices." 

"On Dwyane Wade: “He’s very versatile. He’ll give you all ends of the spectrum, which can be good and bad.”"

"On Cam Newton: “I have no idea [where he is going with his style]. I don’t know if Cam knows. Cam’s usually good. It’s just that one thing that will throw you off with his looks. Like, he’ll have a clean suit on and then he’ll...throw a hat on with the netting over it like a church lady and it just throws it off. But Cam’s usually clean.”"

"On Klay Thompson: “[He] doesn’t know which way he wants to go. Klay should wear staple pieces. He should wear the same thing every day. He should dress like a Silicon Valley startup CEO.”"

You can read the whole story at the Bleacher Report.