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Cadillac’s Innovative ‘Super Cruise’ Technology Will Be Available On The Newest CT6

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With the reliability of their lane-assist safety technology already solidified, Cadillac has made an even bigger push for semi-automonous driving with ‘Super Cruise.’ The new innovation takes a different approach to self-driving cars by not cutting out the driver completely but rather by involving the driver in a way that has never been explored until now.

What Cadillac has done is place an infrared camera inside the top of the steering wheel that tracks your face to see if you’re paying attention to the road. The luxury automotive maker calls this the ‘Driver Attention System’ and if it detects that you’re spending too much time away from the wheel, you’ll get jolted with a series of alerts. These alerts come in the form of Cadillac’s proprietary vibrating Safety Seat Alert, along with a visual cue from the wheel. If you ignore the alerts long enough, the CT6 will automatically switch on the hazards, reduce its speed, and put out an emergency call to OnStar. Moreover, to keep the car going you just need to move your eyes forward again so that the system is aware that you’re paying attention.

The ‘Super Cruise’ is solely meant for highway driving and to ensure the system’s reliability Cadillac has scoured over 160,000 miles of road within the US and Canada with LIDAR-equipped vehicles. LIDAR is an advanced radar technology that’s capable of creating a high-resolution map that allows the CT6 and its GPS systems to accurately navigate the road. In the event of road construction or accidents, Cadillac is also working with the appropriate road authorities to keep the information accurate. Lastly, they have geofenced ‘Super Cruise’ to function only on roads that they have mapped out themselves.

Cadillac’s ‘Super Cruise’ technology is set to be released with their upcoming CT6 models later this year.